The Travellist started as a blog about life in Bali, the amazing things to see and some of the new ways of life I'm experiencing. It has quickly turned into something more – we now consult on projects, business opportunities, marketing strategies and write for companies that need website content or articles for publication. The Travellist offers comprehensive social media strategies and marketing plans for your business. Our clients include villas, resorts, private holiday rentals, restaurants, short term accomodation, jewellers, clothing manufacturers, construction companies, property developers and interior designers. We also source deals and promotions and can assist your business to get these opportunities in front of the right customers for your business.

The Travellist is a place where you can go to: daydream about holidays; book accomodation; book tours; find ideas for where to go, where to eat, even where to shop! I base myself between Sanur and Lembongan – so mostly you’ll find lots of information and stories from these two places in Bali.

This is also a lifestyle and travel blog – I’m a frustrated writer and I love telling stories. Sometimes my stories are about my travels and the people I meet and places I go. Sometimes my stories are about life in another country. And I’ll also happily write about the wonderful places I get to visit on my travels, partly to help with your holiday daydreams but also to help you plan and book those holidays in Bali.

If you would like some advice or help with your holiday plans, email or Facebook message The Travellist.

If you are a business that would like to capture the imagination of our readers and people in lots of locations, please email info@the-travellist.com .

Happy daydreams and adventures!

Bali Accommodation

If you are looking for accommodation across Bali, we like to help you with some suggestions for our favourites. For bookings, special rates or The Travellist specials on any of these villas or hotels, please email info@the-travellist.com

Restaurants & Bars

With so many choices in Sanur and Lembongan restaurants and bars, where do you go? We have so many favourites, we can’t list them all. But here are a few we love…with more being listed every day.

Also check out some of our foodie blogs that go through our pick of restaurants and bars in Sanur, Lembongan, and all over Indonesia. And if you have a favourite restaurant or bar that we MUST go visit and should definitely list here, please let us know!

Things To Do & Bali Shopping

There are so many things to do and lots of shopping to be done in Bali so we’re here to help with some suggestions for our faves. Whether you have been to Bali before or this is your first trip here, it’s always good to have a little (or big) list of things to do. Because Bali really does have it all! You want to relax and be pampered, you can. You want to head out on a food journey around the island, you can. You want action and adventure, got that too!

We are compiling a list of things to do that we have done – check out the links below and if you would like us to list your tour or business (for free), please get in touch with us. We are constantly adding more things to do and shopping ideas to the list so keep checking in with us.

We also have links to some of our fave places to shop in Bali or online.


Wellness Centres, Day Spas and Make Up Artists

For specials, packages or discounted rates, please contact The Travellist at info@the-travellist.com


We believe that supporting charities is an important part of our commitment to helping others wherever we can. And we would love to see other charities on our page as well. So if you have an organisation that does incredible work and you want to keep that work going, we are happy to add your logo and website to our page – and will encourage everyone to help out whether through a small donation or simply by passing your message on to as many people as they know.

Travel Agents and Retreats

For Sale and Bali Rental Properties

Expressions of Interest for stunning Villa Exotique in Port Douglas, Australia, now open. Contact us clare@the-travellist.com for more information.

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Sioux Falls, South Dakota; December 2017; Photographer @emmitfitzhuhm

Sioux Falls, South Dakota; Photographer @emmitfitzhuhm

Tasmania, Australia; 2017; Photographer Toko Emporium