Written by Clare SrdarovMarch 29, 2016


Travelling to Bali with kids

I often get asked whether I think travelling to Bali with kids is safe. As safe as travelling anywhere I would think. But of course you can

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Written by Clare SrdarovFebruary 20, 2016


Galungan and Kuningan

Galungan and Kuningan are very important dates on the 6 monthly Hindu calendar, ceremonies that essentially signify the triumph of good over evil.

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Written by Clare SrdarovJanuary 25, 2016


North Bali

I wrote part of this a few weeks ago while in North Bali. But I wanted to do a bit more research before finishing it…so let’s go back in time

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Written by Clare SrdarovJanuary 1, 2016


Bali New Years Resolutions

Someone asked me to write about Bali New Years resolutions and I thought ‘sure, that will fun’. And I’ve been sitting looking at blank page for an hour.

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Written by Clare SrdarovDecember 10, 2015


Soul in a Bowl – Sanur

I consider myself to be a very lucky woman…I get to travel all around Bali seeing new places to stay, visiting beautiful old temples on tours

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Written by Clare SrdarovNovember 7, 2015



I get asked a lot, why live or holiday in Sanur? You would think it would be easy to explain but how do you sum up why a place just feels right?

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Written by Clare SrdarovOctober 14, 2015


Lemongrass Restaurant & Bar

Very excited to be published on The Lembongan Traveller and an absolute pleasure to write about Lemongrass Restaurant & Bar and people I adore!

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Written by Clare SrdarovOctober 2, 2015


Aroma Spa Retreat – pamper time!

While I’m more than aware it’s ok to have lines and wrinkles at my age, I don’t have to like it, acknowledge it or celebrate it.

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Written by Clare SrdarovSeptember 9, 2015



If this is where the first boats landed in Bali, I understand why they stayed. Soft powdery black sand, palm tress, flat crystal blue water

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